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Wine Nights

Wine Tasting Gormet Dinner Thursday 21st September @ 7pm

If you have an interested in learning more about wine from a particular region and would like to sample a selection of great wines then why not come along to one of our famous wine tasting night in the Diamond Coast Hotel. With Guest Speaker Alberto Arcones from Prado del Rey Vineyard, from the Ribera del Duero region of Spain

The evenings are hosted by recognised wine experts from different areas and each night has a different culinary experience to go alongside the particular wine selection.
This is an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge of wine and get a chance to taste wines from different regions throughout the world while all the while getting to meet interesting people and have some fun people.

In previous years we have tasted wine from various regions in France, Italy, South Africa, Argentina and Australia. Having the producer come along from the vineyard and describe the subtle differences in his or her wines and how the process for each wine differs really ads to the experience. Then when you include a specialised 7 course meal that is designed specifically to complement the wine it makes for a wonderful experience all round.

Our wine tastings take place throughout the year and have become a huge success locally where they are the highlight of the social calendar. If you would like to find out more information or book your place on the next wine night call 096 26000.