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Enniscrone Black Pig Festival

25th - 29th July

The Enniscrone Black Pig Festival takes place in Enniscrone, one of Sligo's most popular and scenic towns, with a wide variety of activities for all ages. This year’s festival will take place 25th – 29th July 2019. The festival brings four days of wonderful fun for everyone, keep an eye on The Black Pig Festival Facebook page for updates and this year's itinerary.

Don’t miss out and join us at the Diamond Coast Hotel in the picturesque Enniscrone for a fun filled weekend!

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The Legend of the Black Pig

An old local legend claims that many, many years ago, an old sow, possessed by an evil spirit, roamed the roads of South Donegal killing everyone she encountered. Locals, determined to kill the beast, gave chase to the pig and chased it from Donegal to Easkey, from where it swam to Enniscrone.

Hunters in Enniscrone managed to kill the beast, but she was so large, she could not be moved, and so was covered with a mound of earth which can be seen to this day in a townland called Muckdubh – ‘the Black Pig’.

Today, just outside across the road from the Diamond Coast Hotel in Enniscrone stands a four-metre sculpture of the pig, created by local sculptor Cillian Rogers, ensuring that the legend lives on, and the black pig is immortalised every year in this much-loved Enniscrone Festival.